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Welcome to the first of many blogs from the Georgetown University National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health.

The TA Center Team
The TA Center Team

Dr. Phyllis Magrab established the Georgetown University National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health (TA Center) in 1984. The Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development, which the TA Center falls under, was focused on developing community based services for children of all kinds, and the TA Center was an outlet to expand those services. The TA Center provides technical assistance to ensure that mental health services are family focused, coordinated, and culturally competent.

Our goal with sharing our insights in this blog is to continue empowering anyone involved or interested in children’s mental health with information to both inform and help those involved make knowledgeable decisions. We hope you share your feedback because your experiences and views are important to us.

You can find toolkits, articles, and other publications our TA Center faculty created on our website. There are also details about upcoming trainings and webinars. Our blog will serve as a place where we can go more in-depth on topics and we will be featuring different faculty members – their work and fun facts.

In our first Faculty Highlight, we are featuring the newest faculty member to join us. This fall we welcomed Dr. Linda Henderson-Smith to our TA Center Team as the new Director of Mental Health Planning and Policy.

Linda Henderson-Smith
Linda Henderson-Smith, PhD, LPC

Linda joins us from Georgia where she was the Director of the Office of Children, Young Adults and Families at the Department  of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Before  that she was the Home and Community Based Services Manager at the DC Department of Mental  Health. She is featured in the Trauma Tool on the TA Center website, click here to watch.

“The TA Center really is a work family. Everyone is passionate  about  what they’re doing. I’m  enjoying being part of this team.”

– Dr. Linda Henderson-Smith

She brings with her, her years of knowledge in mental health at the community and state levels, a great sense of humor, leadership, and lots of Raiders fan memorabilia (she’s a California native). We’re happy to have her on-board!

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We would love to hear your views and feedback in the “comments” section!


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